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What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback training is a widely used term but at its core it is a feedback system to let the individual use changes in brain wave activity as a...

neurofeedback benefits

Better Sleep: Learn What Really Works

Discover effective strategies for getting better sleep and improving your overall well-being. Learn what really works for a good night's rest.

Neurofeedback for Peak Performance

How do you feel after a neurofeedback session?

Wondering how you'll feel after a neurofeedback session? Learn more about the potential benefits and sensations in our latest blog post.

brain health

What Impacts Brain Health and Performance?

What impacts brain health and performance? More than you think! Learn what factors impact brain performance from genetics to the food you eat.

stress reduction

6 Natural Ways to Boost Energy

How to boost energy? Read about natural, scientifically supported ways to energize your body and brain. Typically, it takes three months to change a...

brain training

Best Brain Training in NYC

Learn about the best practices to train the brain in New York City that boost cognitive and emotional fitness, reduce stress, and promote healthy...

neurofeedback home system

Is Home Neurofeedback as Effective?

Wondering if home neurofeedback is as effective as in-office sessions? Learn more about the benefits and limitations in this blog post.

school performance

Back To School: The Best Tools For Success

Get ready for back-to-school season with the best tools for success. Visit our blog for tips on staying focused and productive.

Neurofeedback for Peak Performance

Is Peak Performance Accessible To Anyone?

Can anyone achieve peak performance? Find out on our blog and learn how neurofeedback can help optimize your brain function.

Neurofeedback New York

How to Get the Most Out of Your Brain Training

Read how Heather Coleman, NYC based NeurOptimal® neurofeedback trainer, suggests tips to increase success with your neurofeedback brain training...


Working with Stress: 5 Ways to Slow Down in NYC

NYC city life can be difficult on your central nervous system, living in the state of fight or flight. Learn how to fight daily stress with therapist...

Neurofeedback for Kids

Digital Detox: 5 Ways To Help Your Teen Unplug

5 tips to digital detox for teens. This guide will help parents set healthy boundaries and learn about new ways to boost self-esteem in your teen.

neurofeedback tips

How Many Neurofeedback Sessions Do I Need?

How long does it take for neurofeedback to work? We help you decide how long to train for, if you should rent or buy a home system or do in person...


What Are The Best Brain Training Programs?

Learn the best brain training programs for your goals whether they are mental fitness, emotional wellbeing, peak performance or managing sleep.

neurofeedback benefits

Advanced Neurofeedback in Portland, Oregon

Want to try neurofeedback in Portland, Oregon but don't have time for the commute? Learn how renting NeurOptimal® home neurofeedback system will...

Neurofeedback New York

Signs your Teen is Stressed Out

Does your teen struggle? Discover the early warning signs of teen stress and learn an action plan to help your teens cope with school, SATs, and...

anxiety performance

What Is the Cost of NeurOptimal®?

Cost of NeurOptimal® sessions starts @ $40/session. The most affordable neurofeedback option is to rent a home system or purchase for a lifetime....

neurofeedback tips

Is Neurofeedback Safe? Which System is Best?

Discover the safety of neurofeedback and the best systems to use for brain training. Learn how NeurOptimal® and Lens differ & which system is best...

best brain training

Affordable Brain Training at Home

Discover the science behind brain training and unlock the potential of your mind from the comfort of your own home with affordable brain training...

neurofeedback home system

Neurofeedback Training In Utah

Looking for neurofeedback wellness services in Salt Lake City in Utah? Then consider renting or buying a NeurOptimal 3.0 Neurofeedback System for...

neurofeedback home system

What is the Best Neurofeedback System?

Looking for the best neurofeedback in San Diego? Visit our blog for tips on finding the right provider for your needs.

what is neurofeedback

What Helps Back to School Anxiety and Performance?

Does your child have performance anxiety? Neurofeedback can be powerful wellness tool for managing back-to-school stress. Get educated on how it...

neurofeedback tips

5 tips to get the Best Neurofeedback Results

As the lead provider in NeurOptimal neurofeedback training home system rentals we have years of experience helping clients optimize their results.

Neurofeedback for Kids

Parenting Tips for Neurofeedback Training At Home

Neurofeedback Trainer Coach & Family Therapist Alison Pepper LCSW, shares her best tips on how to optimize your neurofeedback training at home...

Neurofeedback New York

Ways to Relax and Find Mental Perspective

NYC Therapist Natalia Baker, works as a Neurofeedback Training Coach has these tips for living a more stress-free life. Relaxation and perspective...

stress management

How to Support a Healthy Lifestyle

NYC Neurofeedback Trainer Alison Pepper, LCSW who also works as a mindfulness-based psychotherapist explains how neurofeedback training can help...

mindful parenting

When and How Do I Teach My Child Mindfulness?

Teach your child mindfulness and help them develop self-control, self-regulation, and resilience. Discover the evidence-based benefits in our...

neurofeedback news article

How Does Neurofeedback Work?

How Does Neurofeedback Work? Discover the Science Behind It. Understand the science behind neurofeedback and how it can help improve brain function.

Neurofeedback for Kids

Brain Training for Kids: Tips for Parents

What are effective brain training for kids to help with focus issues at school, stress and emotional regulation. Learn techniques that helps, and...

mindful parenting

4 Essential Mindful Parenting Tips

Parenting in this age of technology and speed is challenging. Learn 4 essential tips on mindful parenting from Buddhist Psychotherapist, Heather...

Neurofeedback for Peak Performance

Performance Anxiety - Can Neurofeedback Help?

Neurofeedback is an effective tool for dealing with performance anxiety and fear. Neurofeedback training is a safe way to train your brain and...

Neurofeedback for Kids

Best Brain Training for Kids

Learn effective brain training techniques to help your child with athletic performance and learning at school. Neurofeedback is safe for kids and...

neurofeedback tips

Boulder Neurofeedback: Perform at Your Best

Discover the benefits of neurofeedback in Boulder, CO. Visit our blog to learn more about our personalized brain training programs.

mindful parenting

Neurofeedback for Children: Luigi's Story

Neurofeedback therapy is an effective support tool for children. Benefits may include better school performance, confidence, and emotional fitness.


Help Sleep with Neurofeedback

Train your brain and sleep better without prescriptions or side effects! Learn how the NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback System help with sleep management.

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