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And Now, a Word From our Home Renters! – NeurOptimal® Reviews

Recent neurofeedback reviews from our home renters. We have rented out NeurOptimal® systems in U.S. and Canada since 2011 and received hundreds of positive reviews.

At Neurofeedback Training Co. we use the dynamic neurofeedback system, NeurOptimal® 3.0 for all of our home system rentals. Since this advanced neurofeedback training system does not rely on any protocols or diagnosing tools it can be used at home. Many families and individuals in USA have experienced results, some even life changing.

Here's what a renter in San Diego, CA wrote us after he did his first session at home:

"It was totally wild.  After my first session I felt my body relax in a way that I had never experienced before.  It made me realize how tense I've been for my entire life."

Neurofeedback Results from Families

Review from a Parent and Teen Training Together with The NeurOptimal® Home System

Simon*, 51 years old, who had rented a system because his teenage daughter was experiencing anxiety after a friend had attempted suicide.  He had heard that neurofeedback could help and he didn't want to put her on medication. 

I had encouraged him to train as well because we see the best results when parents train during the same rental period as their children.  (Read more about how parents' nervous systems affect their childrens'.)  When we checked in after their second week of renting (he was training 3 times a week on himself) he described a "profound level of relaxation."  This new experience made him realize that his baseline state was actually a high level of stress and anxious feelings of worry and fear.

But previous to his first neurofeedback session it was all he knew. 

"I started to think about my childhood and I realize how scary it was but how I had just sucked it up and carried on.  Now I realize my body was still in a state of terror and it's now starting to relax."   


Where I learned How to Manage Stress - A Review from a Trainer


child sitting in front of a neurofeedback machineChild Training for Performance Anxiety

"We rented a neurofeedback home system for our 8-year-old daughter who was wetting the bed every night.  After the third session she stopped the bed wetting and she's so much calmer. 

Then we started training our other children as well.  We realized that everyone could benefit.  I have to say, after a month our house is much calmer."


Here's another renter in Washington State who is training together with his 9 year old son. The father sought out neurofeedback training to support his son's focus issues at school:

"Thank you! I'm so grateful, I'm seeing little things that have changed in such a short period. After three weeks of training I notice he is much more alert now.... He has changed a lot. Something interestingly awesome happened after about 3-4 sessions. My son is terrified of bugs.... He spaz out when he normally see them in the house. So a couple days ago a bug passes in front of him and he killed it, then said "I got him".

He was calm about it. Really amazing, I'm not sure if it's the neuroptimal training, however he has never been that calm around bugs.

I have done about 6 sessions and find myself crave them. They are mesmerizing for sure. I feel calm, focused... Feeling really good.....nothing really gets to me........ So amazing."


Families training their brains together see more health and wellness benefits than those where only children train. Learn why.


Tal, father of four, told me his story when, after his first month of renting, was inquiring about purchasing a system.  He was very disciplined with training everyone twice a week, which is key to good results and said he was really noticing how the tone of the home was more peaceful. 

His wife, who "usually is very anxious about the children" he noticed was not as worried about them. Why consistency is key in neurofeedback training.

Brain Training for Better Sleep

Frank found us from searching "Neurofeedback Near Me" and read our reviews Yelp. This is just the beginning of his journey:

I noticed after my first session yesterday I was able to get tired naturally and fall asleep around 9pm. Even though I woke up early (around 4am), I was able to get 7 hours of sleep without the use of a sleeping pill (I haven’t been able to get more than 5 hours of sleep without taking a sleeping pill in many years).

When I woke up early this morning, I checked my heart rate using my Apple Watch and it was abnormally high (usually my sleeping heart rate is in the 60s, but upon waking my HR was in the 90s). As you advised me, because of the constant waking up too early, I immediately went to do a NO session around 4:30-5am. I noticed my heart rate dropped to around 70s during the session.

It seemed like I had a panic attack that woke me up early, but after I did the NO session this morning I decided to do another one. Right now I am feeling very calm and notice I am more relaxed than usual.

I plan on doing every night every day until I return the device. It’s amazing the effects it had on my CNS functioning in just 1 day! I look forward to the nights when I can sleep 8 hours without ever having to take any pills or sleep medication whatsoever.

Thank you for giving my mind the rest it really needs to thrive!


A Review After 2 Months of Neurofeedback – Tim's Story

"The first change that I noticed during the two months of training was an improvement in word recall and articulation. I experienced this after the first 5-6 sessions.  Since then I have also noticed improved attention and find myself getting "lost" (in a good way) in my work a bit more often than I used to. I did not see an improvement in sleep patterns. I actually have been having more trouble with sleep than usual but I am attributing that to some other health issues in my life.

However, I have noticed an increased resilience to lack of sleep. Losing a couple hours of sleep has far less of an impact on my productivity and quality of life than usual. I am not sure if this is a good thing or if it can be attributed to neurofeedback but it has been a clear and definite change worth noting. In addition to these observations, NeurOptimal® sessions are just flat-out relaxing and enjoyable and I am glad I got the chance to give it a try!

I have had 2 or 3 pretty serious bumps to my head in my life and based on the research I have come across, neurofeedback is one on the best ways to mitigate the downstream neurological effects."

– Tim, 53 year old sales executive, sent us his feedback after renting a system for two months.  He trained 3 times per week during those two months.  

*All names changed for privacy reasons.

Why Neurofeedback Training with the NeurOptimal® home trainer?

Neurofeedback Training is safe for anyone to do. Why? Nothing is added to your system.

in 2018 The FDA approved the *NeurOptimal system as a Wellness Device.  In other words, this effective neurofeedback training is 100% safe and non-invasive. The training is unique to every brain, allowing the Central Nervous System to re-organize itself on its own time and pace. Here are a few good example of families who did the training at home together and noticed a variety of results even some surprising ones from parents. 

Neurofeedback Reviews 2020-2021

This review is from a family of three, who all noticed a change in their stress-response:


We had a great rental and neurofeedback training experience. Being able to speak with someone personally and get our questions answered so quickly was very nice. All of us benefited from the training sessions ; overall I feel more relaxed, procrastinate less and am in a more cheerful mood. My teenage daughter seem also less moody and she doesn't feel so anxious around school and tests and my husband says he sleeps deeper. Thanks again!

– A., Washington State, family of three

Review from a health professional (June, 2021):

I was extremely impressed with both the impact of using the NeurOptimal® software as well as the quality and care that my rental manager put into her interactions with me throughout my rental period. I rented the system for two months and felt a very tangible relaxation effect in my body. The longer I used it, the more this effect accumulated and I will certainly be looking into renting one again when I am able. After getting used to the set up, it is simple and quick to set up sessions for yourself and as I said, the sessions really build on themselves in a subtle but tangible way. My rental manager, always interacted with me in a way that felt human and personal, and I always felt like I was being respected as an individual and not just as a customer. Thanks Sara!

– S. Oregon (Yelp review)



Does the Neurofeedback Training Last?

Training with NeurOptimal® is actually a learning task! You get results because your brain is actively learning, even if you are not doing the learning consciously. So much like reading, once your brain knows how to read, it can't "not know." Your brain doesn't forget. It may get rusty, bit the effects of learning remain throughout your lifetime.

Watch how a session looks like.


*NeurOptimal is not a treatment, it's not treating a pre-determined goal

I'd like to Start! What Are My Neurofeedback Training Options & Cost?

Neurofeedback at Home

Most cost-effective training option is to rent a home system which provides the same training as in our clinics. Cost range from $650 per month and up and a session can be as low as $40 or $60, depending on the monthly plan. Renting is the top choice for families with a busy schedule; no appointments to make and one can train the entire family in the comfort of your own home.

The training is exactly the same as at any neurofeedback clinic or practitioner offering neurofeedback sessions with the NeurOptimal® No 3 system.

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