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How much does it cost?

We offer three monthly plans;

  • Personal Trainer ($600*/month, includes 10 sessions, additional sessions cost $25 each). Best for one person training 2-3 times per week.
  • Family Trainer ($800*/month, includes 20 sessions, additional session costs $25). Best for two people training 2-3 times per week or for someone who wants to do more than 3 sessions per week.
  • Unlimited Plan ($900*/month). Best for three or more people.

*Residents of NY and CA State will be charged sales tax. Shipping Cost not included.

What's Included In The Rental Package?

Our monthly rental plans include all materials required to train (including paste), access to regular check-ins with staff trainer via text, email, phone or Skype. You would only supply your own headphones.  We've learned everyone would prefer to use their own!  The system is easy to use and we also provide printed step-by-step guide and support videos. 

Does Neurofeedback Work The Same When Training At Home As The In-Office Sessions?  

Yes.  The technology is exactly the same. 

I'm ready to rent! What's my next step?

We currently have systems available in all regions! As soon as we your signed contract we can ship a unit (or schedule a pick up). Fill out the form to the right. You will then be prompted to sign a contract electronically, as soon as we have the contract in we'll assign a system to you.  Your rental coach will then send you an estimated time of delivery.

Payment is not due until we have a system assigned to you and you have confirmed you are ready to rent.

How long before my equipment arrives?

First come, first serve! As soon as your rental request and paperwork is complete, it will take about 3-4 business days to receive the equipment if having it shipped (five  business days to Canada).  

Yes! All Our Rentals Feature NeurOptimal 3.0

Not only that, our neurofeedback trainers have years of experience as trainers and renting out systems.  You'll get expert guidance during your rental month and help if system needs troubleshooting! If there is a problem with the unit and the remote tech support is unable to fix it, we'll put your rental on hold and ship out a loaner to you - at no extra cost! 

How do I know if it's working?   

We strongly recommend all renters fill out our Checklist Form  for each person training, prior to starting and then again, after every 8 sessions. For example, when clients see their rate of 10 for "Feel Overwhelmed" turn into a 4 (10 being worst), they know the training is doing something good for them! 

How long can I rent The System For? 

Minimum time to rent the neurofeedback equipment is one month. After that period you can choose to extend another month or two weeks, or simply return to us. We have noticed though that the best results is by renting for 2 to 4 months

Why Do You Recommend At least two months rental? 

Clients report the best training results occur when clients train for 2 - 4 months, with 2 days’ sleep between training sessions.  If you rent for 2 months, that would look like 2-3 sessions per week, for a total of 20-30 sessions. We also recommend if a child is training, the parents also train as well.   How to Get Best Results in Neurofeedback Training

Is it difficult to learn where to place the EEG sensors on the head?  

In a word, no.  We provide printed instruction manuals on how to set up the system. The The sites on head C3 and C4 are actually large areas approximately half-way between the tip of the top of the ear and the crown of the head.  Anywhere in that area is considered a good location!  Trivia: did you know that the EEG sensors on the head pick up 95% of the electrical information on the entire head, and only 5% of that information is site specific?  In other words, don't worry, you have it in the right place! Watch a videos on how to set up the sensors.

How Does NeurOptimal Work?


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Still have questions? Read this Q&A with our rental manager coach Kate.