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Neurofeedback Training Co. NeurOptimal System Rentals and Sessions



Non-Invasive Neurofeedback training At home –  Optimize Your Brain in a Natural Way.


neurofeedback-for-children-at-home-systemNeurOptimal® is named The Most Effective Biohack by Dave Asprey at Bulletproof

100% safe neurofeedback training. Suitable for all ages.

Helps with mental acuity, focus, confidence, creativity, and more.


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How much does neurofeedback cost?

neurofeedback at home rental

Our neurofeedback at-home rental package provides you with everything you need to optimize your brain's performance. The monthly rental cost for our home neurofeedback system ranges from $650 to $950, offering you flexibility and affordability. Depending on the plan you choose, the cost per session can be as low as $55 or more. 

Each rental package includes free shipment, a printed step-by-step manual, coaching sessions with an experienced neurofeedback trainer and rental manager as well as up-to-date software, NeurOptimal 3. 

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