Non-Invasive Neurofeedback training to Optimize mental toughness, resilience and wellbeing 

Our neurofeedback rental package includes everything you need to train your brain at home. NeurOptimal is a completely non-invasive brain training system, suitable for all ages.


neurofeedback at home rental

How much does neurofeedback cost?

Choose between three monthly plans and Pay as you Go;

  • Personal Plan:  ($600*/month, includes 12 sessions, additional sessions cost $25 each). Best for one person training 3 times per week.
  • Family Plan: ($800*/month, includes 22 sessions, additional session costs $25). Best for two people training 3 times per week or for someone who wants to do more than 3 sessions per week.
  • Unlimited Plan: ($900*/month).  Best for three or more people.  banner-graphic-best-value

*Residents of NY, CO & CA State will be charged sales tax. Shipping Cost not included. Minimum rental period is one month. Pays as you go and extend as long as you wish. Train up to 6 people per month. Price mathing. Lowest price guaranteed!


Why rent from Neurofeedback Training Co.

Training your brain with the NeurOptimal system is an advanced brain training that can help improving overall wellbeing and is safe for any age.

  • safe-neurofeedback-for-children-rent-a-neuroptimal-systemAll our neurofeedback at home units feature the latest software, NeurOptimal 3.0.
  • Our monthly rental plans include all materials required to train at home (including paste), access to regular check-ins with staff trainer via text, email, phone or Skype. You would only supply your own headphones or earbuds – or alternatively play the sound from tablet. 
  • The system is easy to use and we also provide printed step-by-step guide and support videos.
  • You'll get expert guidance during your rental month and help if system needs troubleshooting!
  • Renters Guarantee: If there is a problem with the unit and the remote tech support is unable to fix it, we'll put your rental on hold and ship out a loaner to you - at no extra cost! 
  • Shipping cost is billed separately. We offer $75 flat-rate shipment within U.S. (includes return shipment) and $100 to Canada (one-way shipment). 

Neurofeedback Review from a Renter

"I was looking for a neurofeedback near me and was pleased to learn that I could rent a system which was a much more affordable and convenient option for me.  I've tried protocol neurofeedback training in the past (I tried that twice and got side-effects and had to stop) and found this to be much more effective. After training with the NeurOptimal neurofeedback system for two months, 3 times per week, I now feel calmer and more joyful and a feel much less anxious.I would highly recommend renting a unit"

– Sandra, California



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