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Denver brain training with NeurOptimal neurofeedback trainer, Kate Linsley, has been in charge of Neurofeedback Training Co's home rental program since 2012. A year prior, Kate became a Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer and started working with clients in NYC. After moving to Denver, Colorado, she has since then coached hundreds of clients doing neurofeedback at home on helped them optimize their results.  I asked her to share the neurofeedback results she sees and her best brain training tips.

Denver Neurofeedback Trainer KateHow many Neurofeedback renters in Denver/boulder do you handle a month?

Kate: At any given time I have close to 20 neurofeedback rentals, so I probably handle around 25 different renters each month.

What are the most common changes from neurofeedback you see in clients?

Kate: The first changes people tend to report are better, more restful sleep, less overall worry and stress and improved patience -- especially with partners and kids!  

What is Your #1 recommendation for anyone Brain training?

Kate: My number one recommendation is to make sure you rent at a time when you will have the discipline to really take advantage of having the neurofeedback equipment at home.  And make yourself a schedule!  Like, Monday/Thursday/Saturday before bed or Monday/Thursday get up 45 mins early and do it before leaving for work.  Something like that.  The more you are able to stick to a training schedule--say 2-3 times per week--the more you will gain from your rental and the more cost effective it becomes. So my recommendation is, don't let it sit unused while you're renting!  A common remark I hear is, "I loved the neurofeedback, I just wish I'd done it more while I had the system."

Who Can Benefit From Neurofeedback?

Do you recommend clients try in-office neurofeedback sessions before renting the neurofeedback Home Kit?

Kate: I would recommend going to someone in Boulder or Denver for a NeurOptimal® session or two if they're feeling anxious about setting up the equipment themselves.  Some people need to see the NeurOptimal system and see how easy it is to use before they feel confident they can successfully set up the neurofeedback home kit.  An office session can aslo give them the opportunity to see how straightforward it is and get a sense of the benefits and go into their rental more confident that they're going to get results.

What's the difference you see when a parent trains along with their kids, even though the reason for renting might be a child's Focus and Learning Issue?

denver neurofeedback training for kidsKate: That's a great question!  The difference in results between families who train together and families where only the kid trains is HUGE. When I have a family who is just training their children, the results generally seem to take longer to take effect.  The parents feel unsure of what changes are happening for their children and often also struggle to get their kids to train.  When parents and kids both take advantage of the rental program, I see much better results all around and faster too.When parents are also brain training, (and they could be doing once a week and the child twice a week.  It doesn't need to be as frequent.)  But they really understand what is shifting for their kids, are able to recognize the subtle changes faster and also support the changes, because they themselves are going through it. There's also a more calming attunement between the parent and kids.

I've also found that the parents who train are much more successful in helping their kids feel comfortable with the training; I'd say that's at least in part due to the fact that seeing your parents training gives you confidence in the value of the training, as well as making it seem less intimidating. Some kids (especially the younger ones the child who has more stress or emotional struggles) can feel a little nervous about the wires or sitting still. When they see their parents do neurofeedback, it just puts them at ease and often makes them want to try it, too!

How are you different as a parent when you're training regularly?

Kate: How am I NOT different as a parent when I'm training regularly?!  When I get regular training in, I find that I am much closer to the parent I want to be: patient, clear, calm, less frazzled, less irritable and more able to remember the long view.Top benefits of neurofeedback training

What are the Top neurofeedback results You Hear about from Clients

Kate: Sometimes neurofeedback renters don't share with me why they are training and that's fine.  They don't have to in order for the training to work for them. NeurOptimal vs. other neurofeedback systems

With the first check-in they feel calmer after a session and perhaps a bit more focused. Usually it's the second check in, mid-way into their rental, where they report to me that their mood is shifting and they're feeling overall better, sleep is improving, they're less irritable, less stressed-out.  

I like that clients have privacy too and don't need to necessarily reveal what's going in order to receive effective neurofeedback training.   Because of stigma of not being at our best emotionally, there can be a feeling of embarrassment or shame for people.  They don't have to even give us their Checklist Form to review.  They can monitor those themselves and notice the improvements.  So there's a built-in privacy, which I think makes it easier for them to take action to help themselves.

Of course, some clients aren't a good candidate for a renting a eurofeedback home kit if they can't motivate themselves to train twice a week.  I try to assess how realistically it is that they will do the sessions before encouraging someone to rent.  So I guess "non-compliance" would be the biggest hurdle.  If they can motivate to do it, they do feel better.  And they usually rent for 2-3 months sometimes as long as five months! Some will also buy the equipment.  One guy said to me after his first month's rental, "This has to be part of my weekly regime for the rest of my life, but that's OK.  I'm actually relieved to know it's there when I want it."

Thanks Kate, for sharing your experience with our readers.!

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Natalie N. Baker, LMHC, is the founder of Neurofeedack Training Co. and certified Advanced NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback trainer. She holds a Master's Degree in Counseling and has been working as a psychotherapist since 1999. As a practicing Buddhist since 1991 and a meditation teacher since 1998, Natalie combines her Western and Eastern approaches to bring a broader perspective to mental health and wellness. In 2010 she added neurofeedback therapy to her practice as additional support for optimizing wellness.

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