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What Helps Back to School Anxiety and Performance?

Does your child have performance anxiety? Neurofeedback can be powerful wellness tool for managing back-to-school stress. Get educated on how it works.

It's that time of year when a new school year is starting and parents and teachers are looking for ideas to help kids with back-to-school stress and anxiety. In this article learn how neurofeedback training in conjunction with therapy can be a powerful support for kids to reduce their back-to-school fears and help with classroom performance.  The goal: for students to ease into a new school year with more confidence and focus.


What are the signs of Stress in a child?

Going back to school can be a very stressful time.  Your child or teenager may experience sleepless nights, and worrying thoughts and be more nervous than usual. If your child is feeling anxious about going back to school, some signs to look out for are; regression in maturity, bedwetting, nightmares, as well as acting out (yelling, fighting, door slamming). The stress of a new school year, new teacher, and new classmates can be overwhelming for many children. Neurofeedback training or therapy – or both – can help.



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How Does Neurofeedback help Coping With Stress?

neurofeedback-training-benefits-after-braintraining-neuroptimalNeurofeedback is a noninvasive holistic brain training that helps build resilience and flexibility. At Neurofeedback Training Co., we use the NeurOptimal® Advanced Brain Training Systems developed by Zengar Institute. It works by training the brain to use present-moment information to decide what to do next, rather than old, often out-of-date information.  Rooted in technology, designed by clinical psychologists and developed in part by NASA-level engineers, the NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system works by triggering the orienting response, which is the brain’s ability to sense a change in the environment and take in new information about what is different millisecond by millisecond. 

When we are in an anxious state, much of our suffering comes from pervasive, recurring thoughts and feelings in which our minds (our automatic-functioning brain) become emotionally stranded or cognitively “stuck”.  Neurofeedback prompts the brain to draw from its existing resources and pull itself out of these mental “ruts”. The result is a more open and positive mindset in which obstacles are more manageable and problems more resolvable.

Much like physical training for the body, neurofeedback training is a workout for the brain. It can be one of the most effective ways to help the brain stay out of the fight or flight response and stay in a more open, calm, focused, and resilient state.

Neurofeedback will keep the central nervous system regulated and out of the fight or flight response to benefit most from the learning and processing taking place with the conscious brain.



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Latest Neurofeedback Reviews


A family in Denver rented the NeurOptimal system for 2 months

Neurofeedback was an amazing choice for our family. We have a few traumas in our history, and using brain training was like putting on a new prescription of glasses; everything is clearer, and you wondered how you were seeing before!

– Sara, Denver, Colorado. Read Google Review


Review from a caregiver of four in California:

Hi -- Im happy to share my own experience as I got better results than I expected. I have a toddler that had trouble going to sleep at night. Every night at 10 pm, she started crying out loud and couldn't stop until 1 am. She used to take a break and start crying all over again around 4 am lol. 2 weeks after initiating the neurofeedback training, she started going to bed around 9 pm and eventually 8 pm. Sometimes she used to fall asleep during the brain training session. I have another child that was getting poor grades at school. He had trouble focusing and critical thinking was a challenge for him. He started the training as well . His grades are improving and he loves participating in his online class now. Finally, my mom. She didn't have energy to do anything around the house. I told her about the neurofeedback training and at first she didn't believe in it. When she saw the little one going to sleep earlier, she decided to give it a try. She said that she started feeling better after 2 sessions. Now she gets up every morning and spends more time with us. Thank you for providing this beautiful technology and making it available families in need like mine. This have changed our lives. As a main caregiver, I really want to thank you for making our lives easier and more enjoyable.  I wish we would've done it long time ago. Thank you again.

Read the review on Yelp


Review from a mom in Oregon:

I rented the neurofeedback training kit for my son and I for one month and experienced profound results. I have a lot of 'adverse childhood experiences' that I have been to therapy for, do daily meditations to manage, and have a rigorous mindfulness for. The changes I saw from 1 month of neurofeedback training was equivalent to 1 year of all the tools I use combined. I will likely make this a yearly ritual. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking to be a better person and transcend the patterns of their past.

Read the review on Yelp


Family in Honolulu, Hawaii Rented for 2 months:

Rented a NeurOptimal unit from Neurofeedback Training Co..  It arrived promptly by mail, was easy to set up and use, the included materials were self explanatory, and my few questions were promptly answered by email.  I noticed more  "spaciousness" and less mental chatter after using it for a few days, and the improvement continued for the two months that I had the unit.  Return was simple too with the provided return label.  Very good product, good service on the rental.  I'm inclined to rent again.




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