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NeurOptimal - What It Is And How It Works


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NeurOptimal neurofeedback is an effortless, effective and Safe Training tool for your brain.

NeurOptimal is considered by many to be the most sophisticated and advanced form of neurofeedback available today. It is extremely safe – designed to work best with your individual brain and requires no effort on the user’s part. This effective training gives the brain the opportunity to see what it is doing, moment to moment during sessions, learn from what it sees, and use that learning to re-normalize itself. The brain changes itself in the order and pace of change that is right for the individual which makes it also side-effect free. 

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3 Top NeurOptimal FAQs and Comparisons 

  1. No diagnosis or expertise is required. It's safe training for anyone to use, regardless what age. The training itself is free of the need to diagnose or extensively evaluate. It's a true non-invasive training as opposed to a treatment. See neurofeedback for kids
  2. No protocols no brain mapping. It won't tell your brain what to do. Other protocol-based neurofeedback systems instruct the brain on what to do through the use of augmenting frequencies and suppressing frequencies.
  3. Offers feedback on 20 different “targets” at once. NeurOptimal neurofeedback works directly with the central nervous system. The software interacts moment by moment with the brain with a degree of fluidity and efficiency that is not possible to set the difficulty levels manually (meaning protocol neurofeedback).

NeurOptimal vs. other neurofeedback systems

bULLETPROOF - "Best Bio hack Yet"

Co-founder Dr Valdeane Brown is interviewed by Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof, about the Neurofeedback Technology

Dr Valdeane Brown, Founder of NeurOptimal, explains why NeurOptimal brain trainer is the most powerful and affordable neurofeedback technology available. Learn about the EEG technology and how it transforms your brain.

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