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Peak Performance in music - Enhance Learning With Neurofeedback

Posted by Natalie Baker, LMHC on Jun 2, 2016

Musicians are the first to say that mind and body synchronization are essential to peak performance.  I had the pleasure to sit down with Alex Lambert, drummer and neurofeedback trainer, to discuss how neurofeedback has influenced his skills and experience with music and increased his overall learning.

A Musician's Review of Neurofeedback Training

Having played drums since childhood, Alex has played in indie rock bands, such as Multitudes in NYC and Blame Game in Atlanta, and taught music for many years.  Since 2016, he has also been doing neurofeedback training and found it allowed him to enter and maintain flow states while playing as well as decreased his performance anxiety


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Why NeurOptimal Neurofeedback?

Looking for a cutting-edge technology to significantly upgrade your life, relationships and work performance?  Brain training with NeurOptimal®’ can help:

  • You feel more confident
  • With sleep management
  • Increase mental focus and acuity
  • Improve relationships (especially when multiple family members are doing sessions)
  • Give a greater sense of self, happiness and well-being


How Neurofeedback Can Help With School Learning

Does Neurofeedback Training Last?

Doing NeurOptimal® sessions is similar to learning how to read! Once you know how to read, you can’t not know. So yes, it lasts. 

Is Neurofeedback Safe? What about Side-Effects?

Unlike other systems, NeurOptimal® does not train states of consciousness. Indeed, it does not do anything to influence any outcome. Instead it is up to your brain to use the mathematical information it receives, or not — as it will. For this reason NeurOptimal is an extraordinarily safe tool for self-optimization. How does NeurOptimal work?

What Are My Training Options?

NYC neurofeedback trainers are available for your needs. Contact us here. If not located in New York. Click here to find a neurofeedback trainer near you. One can also rent a home system that provides the same training as in-office sessions. 

Want To Talk To A Neurofeedback Trainer?

We're here to help. Schedule a15 min. phone consultation with an experienced neurofeedback trainer to help you answer any questions you may or discuss your training options.

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Natalie N. Baker, LMHC, is the founder of Neurofeedack Training Co. and certified Advanced NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback trainer. She holds a Master's Degree in Counseling and has been working as a psychotherapist since 1999. As a practicing Buddhist since 1991 and a meditation teacher since 1998, Natalie combines her Western and Eastern approaches to bring a broader perspective to mental health and wellness. In 2010 she added neurofeedback therapy to her practice as additional support for optimizing wellness.

Expertise: Psychotherapy, Neurofeedback & NeurOptimal Trainer Representative. 

Location: New York City, 32 Union Square, E1017, NY 10003
Email: Natalie@neurofeedbacktraining.com
Phone: 347-860-4778