neurofeedback To help with School Performance

We work with many families who are looking for brain training tools to help with improving their children's school performance.   

There are many brain training tools:   Talk therapy, brain training apps, meditation, healthy lifestyle such as a healthy diet and good sleep hygiene.  We recommend many of them to parents, including  a lesser known brain training method called NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback training.

NeurOptimal® offers support to increase mental fitness including the ability to focus, let go of worrying and be calm.   


What is NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback?

At Neurofeedback Training Co., we use the Dynamical NeurOptimal neurofeedback system for sessions and rentals. This cutting-edge technology neurofeedback system works by training the brain to use the present moment to decide what to do next, rather than old, often maladaptive patterns—like that route to the bakery.  It does this by triggering what’s called the orienting response, which is the brain’s ability to sense change in the environment and take in new information about what is different.  

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How Does It Work?

NeurOptimal is using information about the brain's electrical activity and giving the client precisely timed interruptions in music, period.  And then you decide how to re-organize, thereby activating its own intrinsic wellness. As a result of training, clients become more emotionally stable, focused and resilience improves. What happens in a Neurofeedback session?


What results can I expect?

There is no standard answer to this question because everyone’s central nervous system is unique. While we cannot predict what changes you'll see from neurofeedback training, we can offer a few guidelines.

Clients describe feeling clearer, calmer, lighter or more focused for a few hours after the session – for some it is the morning after a session.  Eventually, this new centered way of being becomes their “new normal”. Only if they get thrown off by a negative event such as a bad day at work, or stress, a knock on the head - might they revert back to old habitual patterns.   Generally, they will not dip as low into emotional discomfort and will bounce back from challenging situations much more quickly.

Neurofeedback for Kids - Luigi's Success Story 


Neurofeedback Review

Watch how neurofeedback training helped Jenny with alleviating stress and improve feeling calm

A parent's Review on Neurofeedback Training

My daughter has now done 10 sessions (training once per week).  I have seen her gain the ability to focus better, resolve issues better and take on tasks without worrying or obsessive thoughts. I then personally began sessions of Neurofeedback for myself, hoping to reduce my stress levels. I now feel a sense of distance from usual triggers that I previously did not have. This distance allows me to approach an issue from a tactical stand point, working toward resolution, rather than overwhelming me with nervousness or fear. 

– Camilla, 10 sessions & ongoing (Parent to a 9 year old child training together)


I'm renting a neurofeedback system and have now done seven sessions in three weeks and I'm noticing a shift.  My reaction to stress and my daily worrying thoughts around eating while on a diet has changed.  Although I have stress in my life there is now a background of calmness.  

– Wendy, Rental Client, 7 Sessions and ongoing


How Expensive Is Neurofeedback?

What are my training options and cost?

To purchase your own neurofeedback machine price range from around 7K and up. The most cost-effective training option and the best option for families who want to train together is to rent an advanced home system. Cost when renting varies from $40/session and up depending on what plan you choose. If coming into our offices for a session, cost range from $125 and up. We do have special offers for new clients. See this page. 

Start Training! Find a NeurOptimal Trainer Near you or Rent a Home Unit

Pick up the rental equipment at any of our locations (NYC, Los Angeles, Boulder, Denver or Portland) or have the equipment shipped directly to your home for a small shipping cost. We ship throughout U.S.

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