Rent an advanced Neurofeedback Home System For home Use – Same Technology As In Our Clinics!

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Neurofeedback Rental Packages:

The equipment is easy to use and you'll receive everything you need to do the training at home. 

Choose between two monthly plans:


Personal Trainer: $600/Month

  • Ideal for one person
  • includes 10 sessions ($60 per session) 

Family Trainer: $800/Month

  • Ideal for two or more people
  • includes 20 sessions ($40 per session)

Additional sessions are $25 per session and billed upon return. We recommend two months of training for best results.

Pick up at one of our locations in (NYC, LA, Denver or Boulder) for free or have the equipment shipped directly to your home for a flat-rate of $30 within US and $50 to Canada. 


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