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Latest Neurofeedback Reviews

Here is a review from a New Yorker who trained at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Winter 2020-2021.

"I did 4 sessions at a Neurofeedback provider near me first but due the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic I was looking for a better and safer option. After two months of training I am seeing a variety of positive benefits including falling asleep faster, decreased sensitivity to triggers, and a quicker recovery from bouts of anxious thoughts. I feel more stable and "myself" which translates to the ability to be more present with my wife and son. Neurofeedback training with the NeurOptimal (r) system has been a key tool for me in my journey of wellness and I look forward to each session."

– A. in New York City (Rented a Home System for Two Months)

Here's another review from a family in California

This was a wonderful experience! We rented a unit for 6 weeks and used it as a family and I noticed that I was much calmer and less reactive after the 6 weeks. It was very easy to do and I started seeing it as relaxing "me time." My husband said he was more focused and my son said he "felt happier". We will definitely be renting from Sara on a yearly basis for "boosters". I highly recommend this if you feel anxious, reactive or have some internal tension you want to work through. =)

C.L. in Carlsbad, California (Trained as a family at home for six weeks )


 *Please note: NeurOptimal® is an advanced brain training method and not a treatment. In 2018,  FDA approved the NeurOptimal® software to be safe for consumers to use without a doctor's permission. It is regulated by FDA under the category "General Wellness, "a non-medical device based on the safety of the system and its intended uses.