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Mindfulness for Performance Anxiety - The Key to Relaxation: Podcast

Mindfulness can be a powerful tool for managing anxiety. Learn how to use mindfulness for anxiety and performance in our latest blog post.

Dog Meditating 1.jpgThe practice of mindfulness meditation is the latest trend in effective drug-free approaches to decreasing anxiety and stress.

Inscape, created by former CEOs of Intermix and Coach, is the new secular meditation studio to open up in New York. It's been written up in New York Magazine as the latest in the "you, but better" trend in self-care.  But before we get too excited, there's a potential obstacle brewing.

The Mindfulness Practice Trend 

With anything that is trending we have a heightened expectation that it will produce results for us.  The hotter it is, the higher the expectation.  

mindfulness meditation colton-sturgeon-1052645-unsplash-281004-editedAt a new restaurant or trendy health spa, if the food tastes amazing or the massage melts our aching muscles, our sensory experience gives us an accurate indication of the benefits – but meditation is more complex.  An "it-better-be-amazing" approach to meditation will lead us away from it's benefits, not towards them.  In fact, heightened expectation of the results will increase the likelihood that new meditators will quit this scientifically proven way to reduce stress and improve brain health before they receive its potential benefits.

Why is our expectation an obstacle to mindfulness practice? What is a helpful attitude to approach meditation with in order to discover the "beginner's mind" that is in harmony with it's purpose?

How to Stick with Meditation -- A Mindfulness Podcast

Listen to my recent lecture at the New York Shambhala Meditation Center to learn how to approach your meditation in a way that helps you stick with it and gain the most benefit.

Increase relaxation with Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback Training with the NeurOptimal system can help with bringing more calm and relaxation in your life. Here's a recent review from one of our clients in NYC:

"I reached a new level of calm after neurofeedback training. My brain definitely felt like it got a 'workout' in a good way, and it improved my sleep."

– Kathy


Why brain Training with The NeurOptimal Neurofeedback System? 

At Neurofeedback Training Co. we use the NeurOptimal neurofeedback system for sessions and rentals. This second generation neurofeedback system works by training the brain to use the present moment to decide what to do next, rather than old, often maladaptive patterns.  It does this by providing precisely timed interruptions in music, which allows your natural orienting response, to engage and process the new, critical information for change. Learn how NeurOptimal Neurofeedback works and what makes it different than other neurofeedback technology.

Here’s What Dave Asprey, Biohacker And Founder Of Bulletproof Coffee Empire Has To Say:

“The NeurOptimal brain trainer is the most powerful and affordable neurofeedback technology available. Learn about the EEG technology and how it transforms your brain, upgrades athletic performance, …and abusive relationships."

Click here
to listen to the Bulletproof podcast and an interview the co-founder of NeurOptimal, Dr. Valdeane W. Brown.


neurofeedback-training-co-session-1024x764Neurofeedback Training Near Me

If you'd like to try a session, our main office is in New York City but we also provide sessions in Los Angeles (Pasadena), PortlandBoulder, Colorado. We also offer neurofeedback home system rentals and machines for purchase. Both neurofeedback equipment provides the same training as in our NYC Neurofeedback Training Center.  


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