Brain Training With NeurOptimal Neurofeedback In LA: Non-Invasive, Effective & Long-Lasting

Looking for neurofeedback in Los Angeles?

Our location for sessions in Los Angeles is located in Pasadena at 28 N. Oak Ave. (a few blocks away from Pasadena City College.). We also offer NeurOptimal home system rentals for those who don't live in Southern California and/or want to save in cost and train at home.


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Why NeurOptimal?


We use the professional-grade NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback System which is the world's first and only Dynamical Neurofeedback™ brain training system.  It's an advanced neuro-technology, offering training to the brain that enables it to function at its best. The system is fully automated, no diagnosis nor an expensive brain mapping required.


What Are The Benefits of Neurofeedback Training?

  • Improve overall wellbeing, cognitive and physical performance! Dave Asprey from Bulletproof calls NeurOptimal "The best biohack yet." Click here to listen to a podcast with the founder of NeurOptimal.

  • More benefits of NeurOptimal include: Coping with stress at work or school, feeling more confident, calm and relaxed. It may also enhance mental acuity, focus and learning capacity and promote better sleep habits (feeling more refreshed after sleep).

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Pasadena Neurofeedback Training Center

What is your location in LA?

We're located on 28 N. Oak Ave. S. 204 (Cross street Colorado Blvd.) in Pasadena.

How much does a Session cost?

As a special offer for new clients $105 (regular price $135). A hands-on demo session for a rental cost costs $105 and includes a session.

How long is a NeurOptimal session?

An in-office session takes about 50 minutes while the brain training program itself lasts 33 minutes.

Is the System available for rent?

Yes. We also provide rentals which provides the exact same training as in-office sessions. Price range from $600 to $900/m (+ CA Sales Tax) and can shipped directly to your home in U.S.. for a small fee.

What are the side effects of Neurofeedback?

There are no side effects when training with NeurOptimal neurofeedback system. NeurOptimal is FDA approved as safe for consumers to use without a doctor's permission. In 2018, the FDA ruled the NeurOptimal neurofeedback as a General Wellness device and not a medical device based on the safety of the system and its intended uses.


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