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Neurofeedback for Peak Performance

How do you feel after a neurofeedback session?

Wondering how you'll feel after a neurofeedback session? Learn more about the potential benefits and sensations in our latest blog post.

brain health

What Impacts Brain Health and Performance?

What impacts brain health and performance? More than you think! Learn what factors impact brain performance from genetics to the food you eat.

stress reduction

6 Natural Ways to Boost Energy

How to boost energy? Read about natural, scientifically supported ways to energize your body and brain. Typically, it takes three months to change a...

brain training

Best Brain Training in NYC

Learn about the best practices to train the brain in New York City that boost cognitive and emotional fitness, reduce stress, and promote healthy...

neurofeedback home system

Is Home Neurofeedback as Effective?

Wondering if home neurofeedback is as effective as in-office sessions? Learn more about the benefits and limitations in this blog post.

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