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    Improve Sleep Quality with Neurofeedback

    January 26, 2016

    One of the first positive shifts from neurofeedback training is improvement in sleep — sleeping more soundly, falling asleep more quickly, not waking up in the middle of the night, and feeling more rested—even when sleep is not the presenting concern. Learn how to improve your sleep quality with these helpful tips and read reviews from our clients.

    Neurofeedback for sleep. Neurofeedback for Sleep

    How does Neurofeedback Improve sleep Quality?

    After several sessions of NeurOptimal neurofeedback, your brain is starting to regulate itself more effectively by applying what it is learning in neurofeedback: using the present to decide what to do next, not old habitual information.  As a result, at night the brain is “seeing” that the body is tired and safe, therefore, it is OK to switch out of “alert” mode into “rest/repair” mode.

    What to do when you can't sleep?

    How to improve Your sleep Habits in 4 steps

    • Go to bed and get up roughly at the same time each day (even weekends)
    • No stimulating activities just before bed—get that TV out of the bedroom!
    • Bed is just for sleeping, decrease associations with non-relaxing activities such as computer work
    • When you are ready for bed, do a body scan


    Want to get more sleep tips?

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    Are you sleep deprived? What Gets In The Way Of Good Sleep?

    • Alcohol—it can help you fall asleep but then wake you up later when its metabolized
    • Alcohol (get it?!), nicotine, caffeine, antihistamines, alpha blockers, beta blockers, antidepressants
    • Upsetting conversations, media input, and movies just before bed
    • Heavy, rich meals late in the evening
    • Drinking a lot of fluids in evening, which require getting up in the night


    Does neurofeedback work?

    If you have difficulties with sleep, neurofeedback training may help with with sleep management. The NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback system we use at our clinics in NYC, Los Angeles/Pasadena and Boulder can also be rented. Here's a review from one of our rental clients who rented a home system for two months:

    Our entire family has been seeing improvements with the brain training.  Both me and my husband are getting amazing sleep 💤 My daughter with high anxiety reports that her pre bedtime fears went down from a 10 to a 5 the first time she used the machine.  After doing a few sessions she reported having 0 fears at bedtime. My 18 year old son that has never been able to fall asleep until he was dead tired. He can now put him elf in a relaxed state and fall asleep in 15 minutes. It used to take him 2-3 hours to get to sleep before!

    Here's another client of ours who came in for sessions at our NY location and saw results:

    "I have been averaging 5-5 1/2  hours of sleep  for the past 30 plus years regardless of when I go to sleep.  Since starting Neurofeedback, (7 neurofeedback therapy sessions), I have  been sleeping later on weekends . . and enjoying a longer deeper sleep on weekdays. I now have to use an alarm clock to get up in the AM. Its still early in my "brain training", but I look forward to noticing what other positive effects i will have as a result.  I understand that other participants, have been able to increase their concentration and relieve anxiety.  I would recommend reading the literature, and seeing if this program is for you."

    Neurofeedback Testimonials

    Want to learn more about the Neurofeedback?

    The NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback system we use at our clinics and rentals is designed to focus on the central nervous system - the hub of all functions in the human body. Therefore, the specific type of problem, be it physical, mental or emotional, becomes less important. It is not surprising then, that clients experience successful outcomes across a broad spectrum of complaints.  Watch this helpful video –  What is Neurofeedback with NeurOptimal

    Our clients typically find NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training effective in resolving issues in five general categories:

    • Learning capacity and executive functioning mental acuity (feeling more alert, focused, calm)
    • sleep management (more restful sleep, waking up feeling refreshed)
    • Helps you de-stress and manage stress better
    • improves executive functioning
    • mood and let go of worries
    • can help with anti-aging and brain fitness (peak performance, performance anxiety)


    Top Training Option - Rent A Home System And Save in Cost!

    The advanced NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Equipment used in our clinics is also available for rent. It's just as effective as the training at in-office sessions.  The equipment is easy to use, convenient and saves in overall neurofeedback cost.  Pick up for free at one of our locations or have it shipped directly to your home for a small fee.

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