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    Neurofeedback And Performance Anxiety - A NeurOptimal Review

    October 31, 2016

    Elizabeth started with neurofeedback training in NYC after having tried many things to help her performance anxiety and occasional worrying.  Specifically, she wanted to unstick what, at times, feeling emotional paralyzed when she had to be on the spot.  She was frustrated and not able to move forward professionally the way she wanted to advance in her career.  She was also hoping to get support with managing her sleep, which some nights, was not restful.

    Since Elizabeth began neuro feedback in September and I've noticed a remarkable difference in her confidence and overall sense of well-being. She often ends training sessions now with a calm half-smile. While she is not finished her training series, I asked her to comment on what changes she’s notices so far.

    neurofeedback helped with my anxietyElizabeth:

    "After only seven sessions, neurofeedback has literally changed my life. As someone with a history of worry and fears, suffice it to say that I had been struggling for a long time.

    Before I did neurofeedback training I was completely a wreck. Now, I'm becoming less and less reliant on my old coping mechanism.  I'm sleeping better, no longer having worrying thoughts, and the exhaustion I was in before has faded away.

    Overall, I'm feeling much more energized, happier and healthier than I have in years. I would highly recommend neurofeedback to anyone struggling in their lives."

    Her Brain on Neurofeedback

    Training with NeurOptimal is really a learning task. During a session the brain uses the feedback of it's electrical activity, which it receives many times each second, to make itself work more effectively.  Anxiety is an inefficient response to our moment-to-moment challenges.  When the brain 'sees' it is in a habitual response it will shift out of that patterning, and gradually the brain is learning to optimize itself.  This positive change communicates that the brain is working hard to move into a state of regulation—calm, alert, present-- which it is designed to do when not in a state of threat.

    When training with NeurOptimal, you do not need a diagnosis to start. The most helpful tracking tool we ask clients to fill out is a self-report survey.  These questionnaires help clients track and notice shifts in their thoughts, and feelings and life choices.   

    NeurOptimal Review and Success Story

    Watch Jenny's Story on how neurofeedback helped her worrying and overwhelmed feelings.


    neurofeedback-neuroptimal-home-system-v3Why Train Your Brain with Neurofeedback and is it Safe?

    Think of neurofeedback as a personal training session for the brain, where the brain becomes it's own trainer. After each neurofeedback training session the brain learns to function more efficiently.  It is completely non-intrusive and safe - It is simply a learning technique and nothing is added to your system. What can I expect in a Neurofeedback Session?  

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    Article written by Heather ColemanHeather Coleman, Certified NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Trainer at Neurofeedback NY, LCSW. Heather is a Certified NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer at Neurofeedback Training Co. in NYC as well as a therapist. 

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