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Neurofeedback Training Co. NeurOptimal System Rentals and Sessions


Does Brain Training with the NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback System Work? Read Our Latest Neurofeedback Reviews

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Clients either came in for office sessions or rented a neurofeedback home unit.

New Yorker in his 30ies:

After renting a home unit I feel less stressed out. Now whenever I am starting to lose my way or feeling worried, I have another session or two which helps me get back on track. It makes no sense to me but I do experience results. I would highly recommend NeurOptimal®.


Mother and child training together:

I rented the neurofeedback training kit for my son and I for one month and experienced profound results. I have a lot of childhood trauma that I have been to therapy for, do daily meditations to manage, and have a rigorous mindfulness for. The results I saw from 1 month of neurofeedback training was equivalent to 1 year of all the tools I use combined. I will likely make this a yearly ritual. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking to be a better person and transcend the patterns of their past.


Couple in California training together for two months and noticed an improvement in their relationship:

My wife and I rented the training kit for two months, and we have both noticed differences, big and small. Personally, it has been easier to focus, and I find myself being able to stop negative thought patterns in their tracks, when those same thoughts used to spiral out of control and usually ruin my day/week. It's a subtle change, but it is certainly noticeable, and has definitely made an impact on my mental wellbeing. My wife has noticed a lighter, improved mood and is falling asleep faster. We've also both been less reactive and more able to access our "logical brains," which has brought a wonderful sense of ease into our lives. Overall, we'd recommend the program, and we plan to do some booster sessions in the future.


Mental Health Coach and Sports Psychologist in California who rented a system for two months:

As a mental performance coach for athletes, I’m  always looking for cutting edge solutions. This device is amazing for mental wellbeing & health, working memory, reaction time, creativity, and calmness under pressure.


Hawaii resident who rented a system for two months:

Rented a neurofeedback unit from this company.  It arrived promptly by mail, was easy to set up and use, the included materials were self explanatory, and my few questions were promptly answered by email.  I noticed more  "spaciousness" and less mental chatter after using it for a few days, and the improvement continued for the two months that I had the unit.  Return was simple too with the provided return label.  Very good product, good service on the rental.  I'm inclined to rent again.


Mother in NYC who came in for in-person sessions in NYC:

After 20 sessions, stress levels have lessened and my focus has been enhanced.  Now whenever I am starting to lose my way or feeling the worry arising again,  I have another session or two of neurofeedback which helps me get back on track.  It makes no sense to me but I do experience results.


Woman in Los Angeles who sought out a more "holistic approach" and noticed these results:

I used the at-home Neuroptimal® Neurofeedback system for 2 months. The changes I saw were subtle and slow. I felt a heightened sense of awareness of things at first, but then I could feel myself seeing things more clearly, thinking things out in a different way and problem solving more effectively. My overall mood felt more neutralized. It was like my brain was doing something different but it was hard to understand exactly how, but I knew some form of change had taken place. There were also other benefits that I had not anticipated. I was very motivated to workout 7 days a week. I'm usually good with routine but this felt different. My sleeping patterns improved, I felt well rested when I woke up. I also wanted to commend Sara for how helpful and available she was during the whole process. I felt it was important and valuable to speak with someone as I saw changes happening and she was always open to answering any questions or having a conversation, which I really appreciated!


Yoga teacher and student looking for improvements in her studies:

I must say, I didn't know what to expect considering that Neurofeedback appeared foreign to me. However, after at least a dozen sessions, I felt much clearer, less distracted, and my thought process felt more open to possibility. As a practitioner and instructor of body training through yoga, as well as a mental health practitioner, I would liken Neurofeedback to be "brain training," which can serve as an integral part of mind-body health. Though I did see results almost immediately, the long term benefits of well being and clearer attention are well worth the investment.


Neurofeedback at Home Renter in Oregon:

I was extremely impressed with both the impact of using the NeurOptimal software as well as the quality and care that my rental manager Sara put into her interactions with me throughout my rental period. I rented the system for two months and felt a very tangible relaxation effect in my body. The longer I used it, the more this effect accumulated and I will certainly be looking into renting one again when I am able. After getting used to the set up, it is simple and quick to set up sessions for yourself and as I said, the sessions really build on themselves in a subtle but tangible way. Sara, my rental manager, always interacted with me in a way that felt human and personal, and I always felt like I was being respected as an individual and not just as a customer. Thanks Sara!


More reviews from neurofeeback at home renters from California, Nevada and Colorado:

rented a Neurofeedback machine for 3 months and have been very pleased with the results. I feel calmer and more focused. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity. Sara and Kate were wonderful and responsive. Thank you very much!

– Morgan in California (PasadenaYelp review)


I rented the unlimited neurofeedback package. I was immediately impressed with the careful organization of materials and instructions. It is easy for a technological dinosaur like myself to use! The effect on myself is beyond adequate description. Daily increasing peace, focus, better restful sleep and especially less stressful response to the challenges I face.


– Mary in Nevada (Google Review)


Ellie has used the machine twice and it’s helping tremendously already! Whoever made the instructions, did an incredible job. They are very helpful. Thanks so much for all of your help! 


– Renter in Colorado, a family of 4 training together


 NFT-why braintraining with neuroptimal neurofedback-dynamical-neurofeedback-system

Dynamical NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback

Safe and effective training to grow a more flexible and resilient brain!

The system we use for sessions and rentals at Neurofeedback Training Co.. is called NeurOptimal®  and was developed by Zengar Institute. Their proprietary neurofeedback system is a highly personalized brain training software that prompts the central nervous system with precisely timed interruptions in audio that is playing.  For example, reactive yelling at work, which is the stress response, is not an efficient use of brain energy when speaking calmly will do the task.  We need feedback that here-and-now is not threatening and that it's about to use a huge amount of energy to solve a simple issue: your employee sent out the wrong information to a client just address it calmly.  This is the automatic brain that reactively, and habitually uses the 'yell response' in communication.  NeurOptimal training allows the brain to register that inefficiency and re-wire itself to use energy more effectively.