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Why rent a NeurOptimal® system?

No diagnosis

The training is for every brain.  The design is based on how the brain naturally processes information to improve functioning.  NeurOptimal® uses the mathematics that are closest to the brain's decision-making process, called dynamical non-linear chaos theory!  (With linear systems you need a diagnosis in order to set protocols for training.)

It is a training, not treatment

No protocols are needed (brain mapping, EEG map). No need to create a perfect hook-up of the sensors to your head.  NeurOptimal® recognizes and automatically removes unwanted signals.  It is the only neurofeedback system that has this feature. (Linear neurofeedback traning requires an expert to carefully hookup of sensors.) 

Automated neurofeedback system

No monitoring needed during neurofeedback sessions. As a fully automated system, AutoNavigation takes care of everything. It is so easy to use that the system works for both professional and personal use.  The latter includes the option for at-home training. (Linear neurofeedback systems require careful monitoring of sessions; a professional may need to move the sensors or change parameters.) 

Non-invasive brain training

Does not tell the brain what to do with the feedback. (With linear neurofeedback systems, use of augment frequencies and suppress frequencies instruct the brain what to do. If the practitioner makes a wrong decision, effects can be very unpleasant.)

What is neurofeedback?