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Neurofeedback For Kids Webinar

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In this 45-minute free webinar, I discuss why brain training with NeurOptimal® helps children's emotional and mental performance and all the essential information to get the best results.

This webinar covers

  • What is neurofeedback ? (2:19)
  • NeurOptimal® safety: Is neurofeedback safe for children? (5:47)
  • What does a NeurOptmal® Neurofeedback look like? (13:53)
  • Best practices for training kids; What are the strategies for getting children to agree to the training? (16:27)
  • Stress response zones - How NeurOptimal® teaches the brain to live in a more calm and focused state (24:02)
  • Train for specific conditions: What results can be expected for ADHD, ASD, anxiety, OCD, trauma, or bed-wetting? (33:43)
  • Q&A: Other recommendations for help with OCD? (44:44)
  • Q&A: Can you still take ADHD meditation while training? What other supports help children's brains perform at their best? (47:09)