non-invasive, effective & long-lasting brain training with NeurOptimal Neurofeedback

What are your neurofeedback training options in Utah?   As shown in the picture below, there are no in-office NeurOptimal® trainers in the state of Utah! However, the same professional-grade neurofeedback training can be shipped to your home as a rental device in Provo, West Valley, Salt Lake City, or anywhere in between.  We have a rental office in Denver, Colorado, and a system can be arrive in one day.   NeurOptimal Home System Rentals now available in Utah.

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Why Do Neurofeedback Training?

  • Improve cognitive and physical performance! Dave Asprey from Bulletproof calls NeurOptimal "The best biohack yet." Listen to a podcast with the founder of NeurOptimal.
  • More benefits of NeurOptimal include: Coping with stress at work or school, feeling more confident, calm and relaxed. Improves focus and enhances learning capacity, promotes better sleep habits (feeling more refreshed after sleep).

Neurofeedback Packages & Cost

  • We offer three price packages for rentals
  • Decide you want to purchase a home system and we'll refund you $100 off your rental.
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