What Is NeurOptimal Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback training with the NeurOptimal system, is the first and only dynamic neurofeedback system in the world. It helps create calm, executive functioning, and improve mood. See below to learn how it works and how to start training.


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Since 2011, Neurofeedback Training Co. has specialized in brain training using the NeurOptimal neurofeedback system.  

The NeurOptimal Dynamical Neurofeedback System is a 100% non-invasive, long-lasting and safe brain training method for restoring serenity, confidence and wellness back into your life.

We provide three options to train; rent a neurofeedback home systemschedule a session at any of our U.S. locations located in NYC, LA, Portland or Boulder, or buy the equipment for home or professional use. 

What is Neurofeedback?


neuroptimal session is effortless brain trainingNeurOptimal is state-of-the-art technology designed to give you milisecond-by-millisecond feedback to optimize wellness.

NeurOptimal® brain training works as a 'detection and monitoring' system of the changes in cortical patterns within the brain. You can think of NeurOptimal® training as holding up a mirror to your brain. Imagine you had not seen yourself in a mirror in a long time. Once you see your reflection you naturally start adjusting yourself, maybe standing a little taller, straightening up your hair and so on. The mirror provides the information you need to correct and adjust yourself. And so it is with the brain.


What Happens in a Neurofeedback Session?




Brain Training with NeurOptimal helps you enhance...

  • Learning capacity and executive functioning mental acuity (feeling more alert, focused, calm)
  • Sleep management (more restful sleep, waking up feeling refreshed)
  • Helps you de-stress and manage stress better
  • Improves executive functioning, mood and let go of worries
  • Can help with anti-aging and brain fitness (peak performance, performance anxiety)

Watch our success stories and learn who it is for!

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“I rented a Neurofeedback machine for three months and have been very pleased with the results. I feel calmer and more focused. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity.”  More reviews >




Rent A Neurofeedback Equipment For Home Use & Save In Cost


Same effective training as in-office sessions

Monthly plans ranges from $600-$900. By renting you can train the whole family and a session can be as low as $40 per session. Equipment is easy to use and effective to enhance focus and bring more relaxation and calm in your life. Read reviews from our renters to see if this is for you

We currently have no wait list! First come, first serve!

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Schedule A Neurofeedback Session in Four Locations U.S.


Special offers for new clients!

We provide NeurOptimal® training sessions in NYC, Pasadena, Portland and Boulder, Colorado Neurofeedback cost per session varies from $125 and up depending on location. 

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Buy A Neurofeedback Equipment For Your Clinic Or Home

For both professional and home use!

Introduce the powerful tool of neurofeedback equipment into your existing health care practice or start a new practice with NeurOptimal. At Neurofeedback Training Co. one can first rent a home system to see if it's for you before buying. 

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