Kid neurofeedback at home machine

Neurofeedback Cost & Training Options

neuroptimal-neurofeedback-system-software-3Rent a neurofeedback equipment for home use and Save in Cost

Monthly Plans ranges from $600-$800 at $40 or $60 per session. Equipment is easy to use & effective to alleviate symptoms from a wide range of conditions such as anxiety, PTSD, TBI/Brain Injury and ADHD (Who is it for). The NeurOptimal at home unit provides the same training as in office visits. We ship nationally and also to Canada.

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Neurofeedback cost per session varies from $95 and up depending on location. 

Neurofeedback Sessions & Cost


Introduce the powerful tool of neurofeedback equipment into your existing health care practice or start a new practice with NeurOptimal. At Neurofeedback Training Co. one can first rent a home system to see if it's for you before buying. 

Cost of Neurofeedback Equipment 



What is Neurofeedback?