What Neurofeedback Can do for you

neurofeedbacktraining-rent-email-hdr-V1NeurOptimal® is safe and non-invasive brain training. 

It works by giving real-time feedback,  like holding up a mirror to your brain so that it can see itself and its bad habits.

Imagine that you hadn't seen your reflection in a mirror in a long time. If you saw that your head is tilted and you're slouching forward, you would naturally adjust.  In the same way, when the brain gets feedback about its unhealthy patterns, and you get to manage sleep better, feel more focused, and emotionally grounded.  

Neurofeedback at Home

The neuro-technology we use for office sessions in NYC, Los Angeles and Colorado can also be rented or purchased for home use.  When renting a system for a month cost per session can be as low as $40 per session or more. A new system cost $7,000 and up. Our clients often rent first and then decide to buy.

Why NeurOptimal

NeurOptimal is the only fully automated  Dynamical neurofeedback system available in the world! It’s safe for all ages (approved by FDA as a wellness device), easy to use (the expertise is built-in) and the most effective brain training to be used at home for the whole family (read success storie here).

Not sure which Training option is best for you?  


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  • Tips for getting the most out of your neurofeedback training, and
  • Whether to rent or buy the professional-grade home unit.   

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