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Gail Hardmann-Woung Neurofeedback Training CoWe are excited to partner with Gail Hardman-Woung, Certified NeurOptimal trainer in Portland, Oregon.  Gail has a passion for bringing neurofeedback training to families with adoptive children.  Read Gail's bio here.  

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To celebrate our collaboration with the Portland clinic, please enjoy a special discount for first-time clients to try a neurofeedback session in Portland.  

What is the Cost of a NeurOptimal Session with Gail?

Pay Only $95* (Regular Price $160/Session) – A $65 SAVINGS!

Not in Portland? Home System Rentals also available. Click here or see below.

* This special offer is for new clients only

Portland Neurofeedback Location

Our clinic address is 3939 NE Hancock Suite 210, Portland, OR 97212. Home rental system available at this location

What happens in a Neurofeedback session?

First time sessions are typically 50-60 minutes.  During that time, we will have you fill out some paperwork, answer any questions you have, and run your first brain training session! (Actual session running time is 33 minutes.)  Curious about what a session looks like?  Watch the video  


neurofeedback-neuroptimal-home-system-v3Did you know the system at Our Portland Neurofeedback Clinic can also be rented for home use?

If not close to our location in Portland clinic and/or want a more convenient and affordable training option, consider renting a home unit device. A session can be as low as $40/session or more. We ship the system directly to your door for a flat-rate of $50 within U.S. and $100 to Canada. Read this rental guide for our monthly packages and plans.

Why Rent a Home System?

  • Save in overall Neurofeedback Cost
  • Great option to speed up the results
  • Convenient to use for families, partners or friends who want to train together
  • Easy to use. The training is automatic and we'll provide printed step-by-step guide

NeurOptimal Reviews

I’ve been taking sessions here in Portland and loved them. I wanted to have this available for my family. That is why I looked into renting a neurofeedback home machine.

– Bryan, Portland Oregon

I was immediately impressed with the careful organization of materials and instructions. It is easy for a technological dinosaur like myself to use! The effect on myself is beyond adequate description. Daily increasing peace, focus, better sleep and especially less stressful response to the challenges I face.

– Mary, Washington State

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Fill out the form to the right to inquire more about neurofeedback rentals cost or schedule an try-out session at a discounted price with Gail. Pick up at our Portland, Oregon location or have the equipment shipped directly to your home! We ship throughout U.S. and Canada!

Learn more about renting a home system