Rent a NeurOptimal® System - best Neurofeedback Training Option for Families & Couples

Looking for a neurofeedback in Oregon? Rent a home system and do neurofeedback training at home. We now offer free shipping to Portland, Oregon.  Save in Neurofeedback cost and rent today!

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Why Rent A NeurOptimal Home System?

Renting A Professional-Grade Neurofeedback System Is By Far The Most Convenient And Best Neurofeedback Option For Families With Kids Or Friends Who Want To Train Together


 What is the Cost of a Home Rental?

When renting a neurofeedback home device a session can be as low as $40/session or more. We ship the system directly to your door for a flat-rate of $50 within U.S. and $100 to Canada. Our Portland residents receives free shipment!

Neurofeedback Plans & Cost:

  • PERSONAL PLAN: $600/m. Includes 10 sessions. $25 for any additional session
  • FAMILY PLAN: $800/m. Includes 20 sessions. $25 for any additional session.
  • UNLIMITED PLAN: $900/m. Includes unlimited session. 

* Plus NY & CA Sales Tax

How does it work?

Pay as you go –The only commitment is one month.

Extend as long as you wish! – Extend another two or four weeks after your first month. Rental month starts a day after you have received the unit and lasts 30 days unless extending.

Great experience and support – Our trainers have more than 6 years of experience renting units in U.S. and Canada.

Provides Safe Training, Effortless System - No diagnosis, no brain mapping or expert neurofeedback trainer necessary! 

Best price guaranteed! – We're happy to match any price to get your the lowest cost in NeurOptimal rentals.


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NeurOptimal Reviews

I’ve been taking sessions at a Portland neurofeedback clinic and loved them. I wanted to have this available for my family. That is why I looked into renting a neurofeedback home machine.

– Bryan, Portland, Oregon

The effect on myself is beyond adequate description. Daily increasing peace, focus, better sleep and especially less stressful response to the challenges I face.

– Mary, Tacoma, Washington State

Reviews from our renters