Alison Pepper, LCSW

NYC Neurofeedback & Therapy Trainer

Looking for a Neurofeedback Trainer in NYC? Alison is a bilingual Therapist (English & Spanish) and Certified NeurOptimal® Neurofeedack Trainer. As a therapist she specializes in children & families dealing with mental health issues & trauma. She also manages the neurofeedback at home rentals in NY.


nyc therapist and neurofeedback therapy trainer alison pepper neurofeedback training clinic

Alison: "I believe all people have the tools to heal ourselves; grow, learn, and reach our full potential. No matter what your age or life circumstances therapy is a safe space to do that work."

Alison Pepper is a practicing bilingual therapist for 5 years (English and Spanish), SIFI certified and meditation teacher and a neurofeedback trainer in New York City.

As a NYC therapist, Alison has over five years of experience working with English and Spanish speaking clients. She treats children, tweens, teens, emerging adults, adults, couples, and families who may be adjusting to life changes or dealing with mental health issues; with an emphasis on trauma informed work. 

Alison has an integrative approach to therapy by combining clients needs with traditional Western psychology such as: talk therapy, neurofeedback therapy, play therapy,  art therapy, internal family systems, and nature therapy with ancient Eastern traditions such as Tibetan Buddhism and Yoga.

Counseling Services

  • Neurofeedback therapy session
  • Traditional talk therapy
  • Family/group therapy 
  • IFS (internal family systems)
  • Biblio therapy
  • Play, art, and music therapy
  • TFCBT (trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy) and CBT 
  • Exposure therapy 
  • Behavioral modification and home visits 
  • Mindfulness meditation


32 Union Square East, Suite 1017, New York, NY 10003. All Locations

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