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About Our NY Neurofeedback Center

  • Visit us at 32 Union Square East, Suite 1017 (Close to Union Square on Manhattan)
  • Neurofeedback cost: $125/session on Saturdays, $150 and up on weekdays. Special offers available: Buy 10 sessions. Get one free. 
  • 10 Sessions or more is recommended for best results*.
  • Available weekdays, Tuesday evenings & Saturdays.
  • We work with all ages – 4 years old and up!
  • We have 4 professional neurofeedback trainers.  Meet our team.
  • Who is neurofeedback for? Read our neurofeedback articles on our blog

How many neurofeedback sessions do people typically have?

*The number of sessions varies depending on why the person is training and type of symptoms.  And when clients have more stressors they often need more training.  In general most clients train somewhere between 10-30+ sessions.  Some people fall in love with the training and decide they want to own a system, like buying a treadmill for home use. Those people are often interested in optimal health, and want to keep their brains in top performance.   Other people train for specific symptom relief, such as the headaches and dizziness of a concussion.  For them, 10-15 sessions is typical.  Long term conditions such as complex trauma/ PTSD, train weekly for 6+ months.   

More Neurofeedback Training Options

Ask Us About Our Advanced Neurofeedback Home Units For Rent Or For Sale!

  • Rent a Home System    
  • Buy a Neurofeedback System