Training Mind and Brain: Combined Neurofeedback and Mindfulness-Based psychotherapy in NYC

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Heather Coleman, LCSW, is a certified trainer using NeurOptimal® neurofeedback equipment, licensed therapist,  and a mindfulness meditation instructor in New York City.  Specializes with addictions and ACOA in adults, neurofeedback for anxiety and neurofeedback for adhd in kids.

  • Therapy Session or Therapy with Neurofeedback: $150
  • Neurofeedback only: $125

Sessions are 50 minutes
Location: 80 E 11Th St., Suite 310, New York, NY 10003


heather-coleman-nft.png"In our work together, we will use techniques from mindfulness meditation, body awareness practices, neurofeedback, cognitive-behavioral psychology and solution-focused therapy.  I specialize in ACOA, addiction recovery, alternative treatment for ADHD, and anxiety/depression. " 

– Heather

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