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What is Neurofeedback Therapy?

neuroptimal-dynamic-neurofeedback-system-by-zengar-sessionNeurofeedback gives real-time feedback about our negative brainwave patterns that contribute to lack of focus, low in energy and worrying/fearful thoughts. Neurofeedback systems can detect when your brain begins to stray and uses the brain’s natural orienting response to alert it when it needs to re-focus on the present.  The advanced software takes 256 data points from your brain waves every second and cues the brain whenever it starts a mal-adaptive pattern.  One common pattern is the stress response.  By training your brain to re-focus with Neurofeedback, you can experience shifts in your mood, feeling more alert, focused and calm .Learn more about Neurofeedback and Your Training Options here.

Is Neurofeedback Effective and Who is it for? 



Do you suffer from lack of any of the following conditions? Neurofeedback can greatly reduce the symptoms associated with a number of common problems by training your brain to focus on the present.

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Start Brain Training Today!

At Neurofeedback Training Co. we offer three convenient ways to do neurofeedback training; schedule, rent or buy!

Schedule a Session

You can experience Neurofeedback in-office with a certified trainer.  Clients new to Neurofeedback often like to try the brain training out in-office before renting or buying a home system. Scheduling a session also offers lower upfront costs. We offer NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Therapy sessions in three location in the United States. If you are located near NYC, Los Angeles/Pasadena, and the Boulder, CO area then you can schedule a session with one of our certified trainers.

Rent a Neurofeedback System for Home Use

Experience Neurofeedback in the comfort of your own home by renting a system. This is the most cost-effective way to utilize Neurooptimal brain training, and is more convenient for many than finding a local center. These home machines use the exact same technology as our office!

Buy a System for Home Use

For those who would like neurofeedback for home use, or if you need a system for your office, there is always the option to purchase your own system. Purchasing a system is a popular choice for those who have already rented or experienced Neurofeedback in an office and want a more long-term set up. This is also a common choice for families who see a benefit to having a system available to multiple members of the household. We also offer a rent to buy option where renters get $100 refund if renting first and then buy.


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