Give your brain a boost: rent a professional quality neurofeedback home system. 

arrow.pngeffective, easy to use - To Receive your discount, fill out this form. 

Discount expires February 1, 2017. Contract needs to be submitted by the 30th in order to receive $100 off. 

Choose between two monthly rental plans:

  • Personal Trainer: 10 sessions included, at $600 (now only $550 with discount)
  • Family Trainer: 20 sessions included, at $800 (now only $650 with discount)

Pick up for free at one of our clinics in NY, LA or Boulder or have it shipped directly to your home for a small fee. 

Learn more about renting a neurofeedback home system

Why Neurofeedback Training? 

  • Neurofeedback for ADHD: American Association of Pediatrics names neurofeedback a Level 1 intervention for ADHD/executive functioning training
  • Neurofeedback for PTSD: Highly recommended by Dr. Van Der Kolk, leading expert in trauma/PTSD for anxiety/depression cycling 
  • Safe, non-invasive and drug free
  • The Home System for rent is the same technology as the professional neurofeedback unit used in clinics. 
  • Renting saves in overall cost for neurofeedback training
  • Learn how to operate by watching a short video
  • See what happens during a session
  • NeurOptimal vs. other systems


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