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The advanced top-rated neurofeedback equipment by NeurOptimal is easy to use and an effective non-invasive brain training method for all ages. When renting from Neurofeedback Training Co.. you'll get the lowest prices on the NeurOptimal neurofeedback home rentals in the U.S. Costs range from *$650 to $900 per month.  


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Why Rent from Neurofeedback Training Co.?

Neurofeedback Training Co. is the largest neurofeedback equipment rental company. We have been providing NeurOptimal rentals in U.S. and Canada for over nine years.


Easy to set up at home.

We provide a printed step-by-step manual with each rental. We ship directly to your home at a flat rate of $75 if located in NY, CA or CO. All other states within the US cost $90. All shipping cost includes hassle-free return and insurance.  If located in Canada, pay $150 one-way shipment.

*  Plus Tax in NY, CA & CO State. The minimum rental is 1 month (= 30 days). Shipment costs are billed separately. Price matching! Found a lower price somewhere else? We're happy to match. 


Why NeurOptimal?

Training the brain using neurofeedback systems such as NeurOptimal is a natural way for the brain to optimize itself.  NeurOptimal is FDA Approved as a wellness device and is a completely non-invasive brain training. No diagnosis nor brain mapping is required – it's effortless brain training. 


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