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Why NeurOptimal?

Training the brain using neurofeedback systems such as NeurOptimal is a natural way for the brain to optimize itself.  NeurOptimal is FDA Approved as a wellness device and is a completely non-invasive brain training. No diagnosis nor brain mapping is required – it's effortless brain training. 

The advanced top-rated neurofeedback equipment by NeurOptimal is easy to use and an effective non-invasive brain training method for all ages. When renting from Neurofeedback Training Co.. you'll get the lowest prices on the NeurOptimal neurofeedback home rentals in the U.S.! Costs range from *$650 to $950 per month.

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neurofeedback-training-for-kids-neuroptimal-session-is-effortless-brain-training-for-children-safeNeurofeedback Training with NeurOptimal® Is...

Is it Safe? 100% non-invasive brain training registered by the FDA as a General Wellness Device

How does it work? Designed to support the brain’s natural, innate learning process.  Learn how it works

Is it the latest version?  Fully automated neurofeedback technology; Integrated brain mapping; no protocols needed. Learn the difference.

How hard is it to operate? You will be up-and-running sessions in 15 minutes.  Watch our video; "What happens in a NeurOptimal session."

Does insurance cover the rental? Read the most frequently asked questions here or use the Chat Widget in lower right corner to ask us a question.

Why Rent from Neurofeedback Training Co.?

Neurofeedback Training Co. is the largest NeurOptimal® neurofeedback equipment rental company in U.S..

natalie-baker-demonstrating-neuroptimal-system6 Reasons To Rent From Us:

  1. We're experienced.  We've been offering our brain training program for over 11 years and have served over 3,000 customers.

  2. We're experts.  All of our coaches are Advanced Certified Trainers and have been through the brain training program themselves.

  3. We provide the best value. We price our programs to meet the needs of our customers.

  4. We offer excellent customer service. We provide exclusive manuals and training videos. Chat window, text, phone and email support available.

  5. We give the option to train multiple people and offer unique training suggestions for each person.

  6. We care. Our team of experienced trainers will guide you through the renting period, review your progress and make suggestions based on your goals. Coaching sessions is included in each rental.

*  Plus Tax in NY, CA & CO State. The minimum rental is 1 month (= 30 days). Shipment costs are billed separately. Price matching! Found a lower price somewhere else? We're happy to match. 

Good To Know Before Renting

  • Choose between three different plans: Personal (12 sessions) $650, Family (22 sessions) $850 and Unlimited (Unlimited use) $950 (Sales Tax applies to residents in CA, CO and NY)
  • Get the NeurOptimal is a few days. The equipment ships 1-2 business days via FedEx.  Signature required.
  • Payment is processed 24 hours before shipment / pick up
  • Shipping: $40 each way. Insurance included.
  • Sales tax applies to NY, CA or CO
  • Free pick-up at our NYC office location and when scheduling a session in Los Angeles/Pasadena
  • Rental period begins the day after you receive your system and lasts 30 days (1 month). 
  • Extend the rental in monthly or 2 week increments.
  • Upgrade or downgrade your plan as you go along. Sessions rollover to the next rental period.
  • Support is there for you along the way; 3 coaching sessions included.  We provide a printed step-by-step guide exclusive to Neurofeedback Training Co. renters as well as easy set-up videos. You will also be assigned an experienced neurofeedback coach to guide you if extra help is needed.  


neurofeedback-trainer-coach-alisonStill have questions? Discuss Your Options with a Neurofeedback Trainer

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