Learn the cost of a neurofeedback session in Los Angeles, read reviews and what system we use.


Neurofeedback Trainer Sara St. John


Certified NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Trainer in Los Angeles & Rental Manager Coach for West-Coast Region

After experiencing results training in the NYC office seven years ago, Sara enjoyed the training so much that she decided to become a NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Trainer herself. After re-locating to Los Angels, she now sees clients at a therapy office in Pasadena two days per week and when not there she manages the home system rentals on the west-coast region. 


Los Angeles Neurofeedback Training Co. Location

Address: 28 North Oak Ave., Suite 204, Pasadena, CA 91107.

Cross-street Colorado Blvd.. Enter building from the large parking lot on Oak Ave.. Back of the building). View photos here

Los Angeles Neurofeedback Cost

  • $105 initial cost. Regular cost $135 . Package of 5 available at reduced price ($105/session)
  • Session is 33 minutes long and takes a total of 50 minutes
  • Sessions can be scheduled on Friday and Saturday mornings. Fill out the form to the right to inquire about available days and times.
  • Neurofeedback Home Unit rentals also available. Same training as in-office sessions.

What Neurofeedback System Do We Use?

The system we use for sessions and rentals at Neurofeedback Training Co.. is called NeurOptimal®  and developed by Zengar Institute. Their proprietary neurofeedback system is a highly personalized brain training software that prompts the central nervous system to optimize it's use of energy and only perform functions that are needed for present-moment needs.  For example reactive yelling at work, which is the stress response, is not an efficient use of brain energy when speaking calmly will do the task.  The brain needs feedback that here-and-now is not a threatening and that it's about to use a huge amount of energy to solve a simple issue: your employee sent out the wrong information to a client just address calmly.  This is the automatic brain that reactively, habitually uses the 'yell response' in communication.  NeurOptimal training allows that brain to register that inefficiency and re-wire itself to use energy more effectively.  

How Long Is A Session And How Many Electrodes ?

The actual running time is 33 minutes but overall a session is 45-50 minutes if you include the time to put sensors on and remove them. There are a total of five electrodes, to their ears and scalp picking up brainwave activity. Watch how a NeurOptimal neurofeedback session works > 

How Is Your System Different From LoRETA, BrainPaint, Brain State Or EEGinfo? 

Many of our customers want to know what sets NeurOptimal apart from the first generation, linear neurofeedback systems. Besides cost, there are three main differences between the Dynamical NeurOptimal® Neurofeeedback and other Biofeedback EEG systems. Learn more about the difference >

Can Neurofeedback Fix OCD And Social Anxiety?

Neurofeedback training is not considered a treatment.  It's an advanced brain training method to improve overall brain function and the process is very individual and gradual. With consistent training it can reduce many symptoms. Talk to your neurofeedback coach what would work for you or see this blog post and video: How many neurofeedback sessions are recommended?

Rent a NeurOptimal Home System

Sara manages clients in the following States; California, Oregon, Hawaii, Washington State and British Columbia, Canada.

  • All our systems have the latest NeurOptimal 3.0 software
  • We ship throughout U.S. and Canada
  • Rent for a month and pay as little as $40 per session or $30 per day (unlimited use plan)
  • Fully automated cutting edge neurofeedback technology! This neurofeedback system is  does not require any diagnosis or expensive brain mapping or an expert.
  • It's FDA Approved as a Wellness Tool. Safe and effective brain training for all ages.
  • Rent for a month and extend as long as you wish. We recommend two months of training for best results. How to get the best results from neurofeedback

review of NeurOptimal - 2019 Testimonials

Here are two recent reviews from clients.

The whole family trained together for a period of three months: "We had a great rental experience being able to speak with you personally and communicate with you so quickly was very nice and all of us benefited from the training sessions. There's a background of calm in the household and a lot less tension and stress. So thanks again! "

This is from a client who came in for a session, learned how to use it and then rented for two months. She found the training to be helpful managing her sleep and boost her overall wellbeing and continues to train every two months or so at the Pasadena location: " I first started at a neurofeedback training center near me but with my busy schedule and traffic in LA it was hard for me to keep up the appointments. I rented for two months and really enjoyed my sessions at home. I struggle with sleep and would wake up night, and per Sara's suggested started doing the sessions when I would wake up at night. I dod this a few times in a row and was pleased to finally break this cycle and sleep throughout the night. I do a lot for my health and understand that this is one of many tools that can boost my wellbeing, therefore I go in for a session now and then to keep my stress regulated and simply live a more enjoyable life - I always feel like I'm in a great mood after a session!"


Can't find a neurofeedback near me? or live far from Los Angeles & Pasadena?  Consider Renting a NeurOptimal Unit!

Same effective brain training sessions. Click here to learn the cost and plans. We ship anywhere in US and Canada. Pick up at any of our locations in USA for free. Besides Los Angeles, we also have locations in New York City (main headquarter), Denver and Boulder.