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    Neurofeedback Supporting Healing from a Concussion

    February 7, 2018

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    Along with a doctor’s care, neurofeedback can support the brain in healing and move someone closer to their original functioning pre-concussion.  
    When treating concussive symptoms, any good doctor will tell you that rest is a requirement for a recovery regimen.  However, few know that neurofeedback training can also be helpful in supporting the brain to recover alongside a doctor’s care and plan. Right after a mild brain injury, doing neurofeedback can give the brain an opportunity to see where it needs to heal itself and continue in that vain. 5 top benefits of neurofeedback


    DID YOU KNOW? Researchers have found brain differences in athletes playing contact vs. Noncontact sports. In a recent study researchers at Indiana University has found differences in the brains of athletes who participate in contact sports compared to those who participate in noncontact sports.

    Watching Super Bowl, or any professional ice-hockey or soccer game, we can all see how easy it is for players to get concussed on the field.  Last year, Sports Brain conducted a small study on 5 concussed football players.  After 6 to 12 neurofeedback sessions, players were already reporting ease with word retrieval that was formerly lost, sharper thinking, improved sleep, reduced headaches, increased energy levels and reduced anxiety.

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    Neurofeedback For Concussion - A Case Study

    Concussion Treatment In Adults - James Story

    Alas, one of our very own Neurofeedback Training Co. clients in NYC, *James, has been having great success with neurofeedback following a concussion.  At the time this quote was taken, he had done around 10 sessions and has been continuing since.  He states:

    “Aside from rest, neurofeedback is quite possibly the only treatment that quickly facilitated recovery from a severe concussion I had six months ago.  After the first four neurofeedback sessions I slept very deeply and felt noticeably better upon awakening.  There was a very marked synchronicity in my sense perceptions and body movement when I walked onto the street after those first couple sessions.  After about five sessions I started to feel noticeably better.  My daily life started to resemble a more normal pattern of daily activities with even some artistic work in the evenings.  I can now do things on the weekends without worrying that I might feel sick or have to sleep most of the day.”

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    Written by Natalie Baker, Licensed Psychotherapist, Advanced NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Trainer in NYC and Founder of Neurofeedback Training Co.. Want to try a session? Schedule a Session in NYC or Learn more about renting a home system.

    * Name changed for confidentiality purposes


    extreme sports and brain damage - neurofeedback offers help with brain injury recovery

    Extreme Sports And Brain Damage - Neurofeedback As A Critical Support In Brain Injury Recovery


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