Why choosing the NeurOptimal System over other professional biofeedback equipment?

  • It’s safe and non-invasive.  NeurOptimal provides feedback to the trainee’s brain about it’s real-time patterns.  Improvements happen because that brain corrects the patterns that are maladaptive and produce the symptoms.
  • No push and pull training – No side effects. The trainer is not forcing state changes through manipulating the brain’s electrical patterns, therefore the changes are gentle and organic.
  • No brain mapping or diagnosis needed to train. The trainee is not required to pay for a costly brain map prior to starting training.  NeurOptimal’s advanced dynamical technology does not require a map prior to beginning.  This saves the client $500-1000 of upfront costs.
  • Easy to use and affordable in comparison to other brands.  Because NeurOptimal’s technology does not require an expert to conduct the session, the training is easy to facilitate in your clinic. There are also no ongoing licensing fee required. 
  • Create Passive Income.  This technology has neurofeedback home systems that are the same as the professional system but configured for safe and easy use at home.  


NeurOptimal vs. other Neurofeedback Systems - What is the difference? 


Introduce the powerful tool of neurofeedback equipment into your existing health care practice or start a new practice with NeurOptimal! Price range from $7000 to 10,000 for a Professional NeurOptimal Unit.

One new weekly client at $100/session pays could be all you need to pay for the equipment.  

The price includes everything you need to start using the equipment in your practice. Same price as NeurOptimal. 


[fa icon="plus-square"] What is included in the Professional NeurOptimal Bundle price and do I need to purchase extra items to get started?

The Professional Neurofeedback Equipment Bundle includes everything you need to set up and train your clients.  It includes: 

  • computer hardware and software,
  • computer monitor (optional)
  • manuals,
  • EEG paste,
  • ear buds.
  • 6 month membership to PASS, which includes:unlimited technical support, access to professional educational supports including, many hours of webinars by experts, over 10 forums to ask questions from experts on topics from clinical issues to marketing, searching capabilities in forum library to find previous posts on a topic that interests you