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    November 19, 2018

    We are excited to announce a partnership with Gail Hardman-Woung, Clinical Supervisor at Portland Neurofeedback.  She is a licensed clinical social worker with more than 20 years’ experience working with children and adults from the most challenging backgrounds.  She will be offering in-office NeurOptimal neurofeedback session at a reduced, introductory rate for our neurofeedback home rental clients.

    Our neurofeedback training partnership with portland neurofeedback

    When you chat with Gail two things stand out immediately.  She's is an expert in her field of psychotherapy and she's passionate about helping others and how NeurOptimal® is an important tool in helping people meet their potential.  In addition to her Masters in Social Work, Gail has earned post graduate certificates in Therapy with Adoptive Families, and Attachment. She has extensive training in the areas of trauma and adoption. Her undergraduate degrees are in Law & Justice and Psychology.  Gail is a member of the National Association of Social Workers, and she is a registered clinician recommended by Attach.orgPortland neurofeedback-Gail-Hardmann-Woung-Neurofeedback-Training-Co-Oregon

    I asked Gail how she found brain training with NeurOptimal.  After a bad car accident Gail was trying everything that could help her get her life back on track.   
    "Neurofeedback was a godsend.  I was able to manage my sleep and felt much better. I became inspired to bring neurofeedback to as many people as possible! My private practice was too full to accommodate it, so she called on some friends to help and together we created Portland Neurofeedback. "  

    If in Portland, Oregon - Try a discounted first neurofeedback session with Gail

    These 'friends' she mentioned are five adoptive mothers and an adult adoptee!  A group of of mental health professionals - a psychologist, an LCSW, an ACSW, certified neurofeedback technicians, and a support staff - who all have a passion about giving the underprivileged a chance for loving home life and a new start.  

    Portland Neurofeedback

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