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Daylight savings can mess with our sleep habits.  Here are some tips to help get your sleep back on track after the time change.

1. Shut off all stimulating activities and devices 2 hours before bed. 


  • Blue-light emitting devices 2 hours before bed.  Or put your computer on light changing function which will go from blue (wake-up light) to orange (time-to-start-producing-melatonin) light over the evening
  • Work emails
  • News headlines or articles

2. Minimal alcohol and an early dinner nights you want a good sleep.

3. Open the blinds and expose your body and face to sunlight first thing in the morning to help your body register it's morning.

4. Try neurofeedback for a month. 

We currently have rentals we can ship to you today!  Many clients report neurofeedback helps them re-set their sleep habits.  They wake up feeling more rested, often able to sleep longer.  Click here to view our package plans and request a rental. 

For as little as $40/session you can: 

5. Try top-quality earplugs if noises wake you up in the middle of the night. 

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What Our Clients Say

"It was the best two months in terms of my ability to get organized and follow through on work. I feel more calm and relaxed, even in stressful situations" 

– Pete

"I reached a new level of calm after Neurofeedback Training. My brain definitely felt like it got a 'workout' in a good way, and it improved my sleep."

– Kathy

"I rented the home unit for two months. I was immediately impressed with the careful organization of materials and instructions. It is easy for a technological dinosaur like myself to use! The effect on myself is beyond adequate description. Daily increasing peace, focus, more restful sleep and especially managing my stress response to the challenges I face."

– Mary

View more benefits of the training here.

Any questions? Schedule a 15 min. consultation with one of our rental coaches to find out how you can benefit.


Natalie, Sara, Alison and Kate





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neurofeedback-trainer-coach-alisonWe have provided neurofeedback home rentals since 2011 and  our team are all Certified NeurOptimal® Trainers with years of training experience.

For sessions at any of our locations (NYC, Pasadena or Boulder), click here to schedule.

If interested in buying a unit, see this page for pricing.  We give our rental clients $100 off of your rental month if you decide to buy.

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